TensTech Inc.

Innovative Chemical & Material Technolgies



TensTech Inc is a research company that focuses on developing innovative new chemical and material based technologies.  Our major markets are supplementing the research and development capabilities of existing chemical companies, the development of advanced technologies for military applications and contract research and development projects, primarily focused on the development of new, green technologies.  We focus on research and development efforst to the development of specific technologies or development of new products and markets for specific, under utilized raw materials.  In may cases, we have access to both laboratory and scale-up capabilities that allows use to carry our development work into the early stages of commercialization.

Our current research and technolgy portfolio includes: 

  • Materials to modify and control the surface properties of films, fibers and fabrics
  • Functional, low molecular weight polymers for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications
  • Advanced surfactant technology
  • Advanced materials for use as lubricants or in lubricant formulations
  • Chemicals for various construction applications, particularly for processing inorganic materials
  • Paper processing chemicals
  • New cosmetic component technology
  • Protein based materials, particularly technologies to increase the value of soy based materials
  • Green alternatives to traditional chemicals
  • New, functional forms of cellulosic materials

In addition, TensTech Inc. works with selected academic research groups to support the commercialization of university developed technologies.  

TensTech has a low cost of entry model that allows companies to explore the potential for new materials or new technology platforms, within a specified area or application, with low initial costs and without an extended financial commitment.  We are committed to working with companies to develop and commercialize new technologies for their specific market and application.  TensTech Inc. welcomes the opportunity to discuss new product or technology needs and how with can help you meet future demands within your specific markets.

Dr. Thomas Theyson

Technical Director

TensTech, Inc.